Northeastern University Solar Decathlon is an interdisciplinary team working to design and construct sustainable buildings in and around Boston. Affiliated with the U.S. DOE Solar Decathlon® Competition, we carry high standards to create net-zero solar buildings that contain a minimal carbon footprint and are resilient.


Our  team is broken down into six subgroups that work collaboratively to create a complete, cohesive design. The subgroups are open for anyone to join, and no prior experience is required for any of the subgroups. This team is a place where people can explore interest both within and outside of their major, so people are encouraged to join any subgroup that interests them. The subgroups are:

  • Architecture
  • Business Consulting & Outreach
  • Home Automation
  • Landscape
  • MEP/Energy Systems
  • Structural Systems


As a team member, you can expect to do some of the following:

  • Complete market analyses to get an idea of community needs
  • Create accurate floor plans
  • Gain experience using various design software such as CAD and Revit
  • Select materials that are sustainably sourced and energy-efficient
  • Create mechanical, plumbing, and electrical layouts for the building
  • Design foundation, roof, window, door, and wall assemblies to maintain the building’s thermal envelope
  • Develop a budget
  • Create landscape plans
  • Meet and network with industry professionals


Anyone, regardless of age, experience, or major is welcome to join the team:

  • No prior experience in building science or sustainability is required
  • No requirements regarding major or area of study
  • All years are welcome! Under and upperclassmen work together, and all contributions are invaluable
  • Anyone with an interest in any aspect of designing a sustainable building is welcome!


A specific major or area of concentration is not necessary to join the team, but we do have specific need for these areas in particular:

  • Architecture
  • Business
  • Computer Science or Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Structural Engineering

Interested in joining our Team?

If you have any interest in joining, visit our “Contact Us” page to see how to get in touch and join, or just drop by any general meeting, which are on Tuesday’s at 7:30 PM ET.

Solar Decathlon® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Energy.